Avocado Avocado Avocado

My fleshy substance puzzles:

Am I savoury or sweet?
Delicious or non-descript?
And with or without texture?

But the stone
at my centre
is massive;
the heart of me
is huge
and inpenetrable –
out of all proportion
to my fruit

And what is it
that comes from there?
What legacy will remain?

I must take care
what seeds I sow
for whatever comes from
this heart’s core
will reproduce
the same
after its kind

And others will reap
the fruit
of my harvest

Let me leave
no bitter taste;
Better sweet avocado
than acid bitter Aloes

courtesy Science Daily

So there’s one basic thing you need to know about me. Avocados to me, are not only an amazing and versatile food, but they determine my character assessment of strangers. At a glance, I won’t judge you too much if you don’t like avocados in plain form. But if you don’t like guacamole, you can’t possible have developed in terms of both taste buds and mental maturity (as these are obviously correlated). One of my food buddies, Emily from animalfreelife.wordpress.com was lovely and got me a cookbook I’m sad I didn’t write first:

Guac Off–a cookbook with normal, weird, and everything in between that resembles guacamole.

But this is about avocados, not cookbooks. If you already love guacamole, don’t get into the habit of only buying avocados for your Mexican food endeavors. Avocados compliment salty or sweet foods, so if you have some free time and a ripe avocado see what you can create. An avocado challenge, if you will. Try to pick a food genre like Mediterranean or Italian and commit yourself to adding an avocado somewhere in the meal you never thought possible. Brushchettea with avocado slices, or an avocado spread with olives and hummus. See? It’s easy, and always delicious.

P.S-though the taste of avocados is enough for me, here’s a link to 10 avocado health benefits:


poem from http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewPoetry.asp?id=114702