Sometimes I sound like I’m adtertising, but kitchen products really do get me all bright-eyed and incapable of continuing human conversation. Just walking in a store with kitchen products–especially *sigh* bakerware, gets me damn excited. I don’t mean to ignore you, I just can’t help it. Last night while taking a “Knife Skills” class at the Rolling Pin with my sister, I purchased my first and hopefully not last Wusthof knife. A Beautiful, 9 cm paring knife.

Wusthof Paring Knife means more love in the world.

I know that next time I’m peeling an apple, I’m going to peel the whole thing in perfect rotation in one swift motion. I will no longer have to rely on my unfortunate half ass knife that wasn’t ever sharp, even though I prentended it was. Uh, after I wrote this I had to go try; remember that bright-eyed excitement I mentioned? So here’s a visual of my Wusthof’s sharpness (I got a lot of practice peeling apples when I worked at Ike and Jane).

Note the shiny new knife in the middle.

I also got a combination coffee/seed grinder, which I’ll be honest, is only going to get used for the seed grinding. I already use my large jar of flax seeds, but now I can use it even more in powdered form with my newly self-ground and self-packaged bottle of flax. I don’t even want to talk about how ridiculous it was last time I used coriander seeds [four days ago] and [tried] to crush them with the blunt edge of a knife. Just know this grinder will be a seed superhero. And yes, I am horrible with my inadvertent product advertising. Love all you readers anyway.

Ground Flax and Coriander.