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Hummus vertigo.

Last night I had a dream about hummus. This is bizarre. Normally when I have a weird dream it involves xxx and **** or living as Harry Potter. Nothing that translates to reality. So I took it as a food-calling, and made hummus to eat with my large supply of red radishes. I happen to have so many radishes from a particularly exciting Atlanta grocery shopping experience with my sister. Also, if you’ve ever seen Rapunzel, she essentially gets traded over a stolen bunch of radishes. I firmly believe this childhood fairy tale created my appreciation for radishes, which should never be cooked, but I cook anyway.

The perfect appetizer.

Anyway, after consulting both The Grit Cookbook and the Veganomicon, both the recipes we exactly the same! Minus the little detail of adding water versus the extra juice from the chick peas in the can (ewwwwwww). I can’t help but think of canned juice as disguised poison. So I just noted that cumin was a must, and threw some stuff together like usual until it tasted to my satisfaction. This is what I discovered:

Apple cider vinegar is the ultimate secret to good hummus (only a dash). That, and a waterfall of lemon juice and paprika. I also discovered that fresh parsley is gross in hummus. Nonetheless, hummus is an easy and healthy snack to make if you minimize your olive oil. I didn’t have seasme paste on hand, so I used my fabulous seed grinder to make some myself to add. Just remember the trick is keep adding enough juice/oil (not canned juice poision though) to get the consistency right. I enjoyed my hummus on a cracker with radish slices and a clove of garlic because once again, fairy tales make me abnormally like radishes, and garlic just…well I have no excuse.