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This blog is fairly new enough that I haven’t broken in any of my baker’s recipes/ journey of being a baker lady. That is to say, yummy layered cakes or cupcakes. Or something like Harry Potter pumpkin pasties. I’m already backlogged a year’s worth of baking, so it’s impossible to decide where to start. So I suppose, I’ll have to go in reverse order, from newest to oldest. This post isn’t really about recipes, only to foreshadow pictures to come of cakes I will make, that should get progressively prettier. I recently took an 8 hour cake decorating class. This is swiss meringue icing, made with lots of egg whites and butter. This is one of the most ideal icings for decorating–very smooth. You shouldn’t use buttercream if you’re going to be making a completely smooth coating.

To think I used 6 quarts of icing that day.

Sort of futile to practice handwriting, as professionals use either stencils to trace or gum paste/fondant cutouts. And I should tell you, it’s a good thing no one really freewrites, because if you’ve met me you know that legible handwriting has never been one of my skills. This is how my final cake turned out. Please ignore the happy Easter colors. I swear the next cake won’t be so nauseatingly happy. The filling was vanilla cake with chocolate layers, each dabbed with a mixture of 1/2 sugar + 1/2 water + orange juice. It wasn’t my recipe, and I don’t mean to be elitist, but my cake recipes are actually moist. I think half the time people only buy cakes because of their shape or beauty, but none of it matters unless it passes the cake-taste test.

Cake all decorated with my unartistic hands.