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Tired of cooking? As in, want to do something fun [& crafty] but food related? Well, go take a look at your kitchen. Do you see salt, pepper, and other spice-like ingredients? What about flour and sugar or teabags? These will be enough. Free up some cabinet space by getting some matching glass jars, and using them as canisters to display on your kitchen counter, or even just to be pretty and organized on a shelf (like if you have a small kitchen). If you don’t want to buy jars, and you know you’ll be doing this project in advance, you can save glass jars instead of recycling them (because of course you recycle, right?). For instance, my jars are all reused Del Monte fruit jars. My dad goes through about a jar a week, and every time I visit my parents I make sure my mom passes a few jars off to me for my growing collection of ingredients. Even a pickle jar will work. And there’s always the go-to Mason Jar. Plus, this project is easy and nonstressful; so if you have a lazy Saturday  you can craft, watch tv, listen to Michael Jackson, and paint some jars all while your cat takes a nap in your lap.

Here’s a sample of how my jars turned out (despite all the multi-tasking):

Easy DIY Kitchen Canisters

1- Find glass jars large enough for storing

2- Find an equal amount of ingredients to store in said jars

3-Paint pre-cleaned lids of jars. Let dry.

4- Put in your ingredients and admire how much prettier your kitchen is.

5-Label jars with sharpies, paint, or self-made labels.

You can fill your jars with something pretty like this--

--or something neutral like this.

If your lids aren’t big enough to paint, you can always decorate little designs or flowers onto the front around your label. And don’t stick to one color, the jar’s the limit.