“I just don’t know how anybody could enjoy anything,” he says, “more than I enjoy… you know, getting up in the morning and having the cup of cold coffee that’s been waiting for me all night, that’s still there for me to drink in the morning, and no cockroach or fly has died in it overnight – I’m just so thrilled when I get up, and I see that coffee there, just the way I want it, I just can’t imagine enjoying something else any more than that.” —Dinner With Andre

I came across this movie quote somewhere, and I think it has a really great point. Cold coffee and bad insect imagery aside, this is a great concept. Little things that you rely on really keep you grounded. Everyone has that one favorite comfort food–and you should. Sometimes food gets a bad reputation with all the diet crazes out there. But you have to remember that food really is good for the soul too. And even better for good company.

What food makes you appreciate life a little bit more?

These are the first favorites that come to my mind:

Sweet potato fries


Squash Casserole

(and) also that perfect cup of coffee.