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Apple-filled Breville Pies

The Breville Pie Maker. An excellent tool for the pie aficionado. It is similar to a George-Forman grill, except for making mini- pies. It looks like this:

Anyway, this is my newest baking tool. Of course, I’ve made plenty of apple pies before, but never adorable, mini-sized pies that cut out the extra step of weaving a lattice top. And only ten minutes for the pies to cook! For the Breville Pie Maker, you use any filling you want: cherry pie filling, apple, raspberry (you will want to precook filling first). I fully plan to use pizza crust to make mini-pizzas, a feta and spinach filling, vegetable pot pies, mushroom and walnut pates,  and whatever else I can come up with in the future. I know for a fact I will have a Breville Pie Maker dinner party one day (if I ever have time). If I was giving the Breville Pie Maker an official review, I would give it a 10 out of 10. It preheats in no time, is very cost-effective, and has a non-stick surface so that cleanup is easy and effortless.

I ended up making apple filling for my first attempt at the baby pies. It’s about to snow, and it can’t hurt to have some pre-made dessert. So I made a few pies to stock my own kitchen, as well to feed to my friend Matt.